National Council of Folklorists of Uganda (NACOFU)


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In pursuance of its objectives, in 2010 NACOFU successfully organized the Uganda National Primary and Secondary Schools Music, Dance and Drama Festivals Trainers and Music Teachers’ pre festival workshops across the country. This project was funded by the Ministry of East African Community Affairs in Kampala with the aim of carrying out  sensitization about benefits of the East African Community among schools.

In 2009, NACOFU members successfully organized the sensitization music and drama festivals in Bunyoro, Busoga and Teso areas about visual impairment with funding from Sightsavers International – Uganda Office.

In 2005 and 2006 during the community dialogue strategy, NACOFU organized rural communities in Jinja, Iganga and Butalejja districts of Eastern Uganda to discuss issues relating to HIV / Aids, domestic hygiene, environment, leadership and others through drama, folk music and dance  with funds from Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development and UNICEF.

Through the Uganda Folklore Recorders and Archiving Agency, NACOFU has recorded a range of folklore performances that are used by schools for educational purposes, documentation, research, study and promotions.

Individual member troupes have continued to improve over the years so they are invited to give performances at National, International and local social – cultural events in their villages there by contributing greatly to the continuity and development of society.

One of NACOFU’s prominent member Groups, Nilebeat Artists has organized the Senator National Festival one of the largest Cultural events in the continent since 2005, involving more than 400 Troupes that win cash prizes solicited from Uganda Breweries, ranging from UGX 250,000 to UGX 6,000,000.The festivals which last six months each year, reach almost all towns of the country and have caused great improvement in the quality of Performances and increased public inclination towards Folklore. (In photo: Members of Kameke kakwenyutu from Pallisa district recieve goatds that they won during the Senator Festival)

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