National Council of Folklorists of Uganda (NACOFU)


Who we Are

NACOFU is a Non-Government Organization that was registered with the NGO Board of the Republic of Uganda in  2003 under registration number S. 5914/4523 and incorporated as a legal entity on November 22nd, 2009 Ref. No. 113787.

Vision: NACOFU envisions Ugandan Folklore Idioms that Live and Provide for the Social, Cultural and Economic Needs of the Individual persons and Societies that hold and experience them.

Mission: NACOFU is dedicated to further all activities that cause Ugandan Folklore to be well identified, represented and Transmitted, Appreciated, Documented, Studied and Developed in Time and Space for Development and posterity.

Aim: NACOFU aims to further the contribution of the folk creative arts towards betterment of  lives for all  that practice and experience them, peoples to identify and appreciate themselves and others through music, dance, poetry, mythologies, legends, stories, proverbs and other idioms as mirrors of Uganda’s culturally heterogeneous society.

In order to realize our aim, we organize festivals, conferences, training seminars, workshops and cultural performances in villages, at regional, national and international levels. We carry out field research, record audio, audio-visual and pictorial materials of folklore, collaborate with national and international folklore organizations, prepare projects plus other activities that contribute to the realization of our aim.

Core Values

Dignity:  We believe that all people should be treated with respect so that they can pride in who they are and improve on what they are regardless of gender, ethnicity, religious affiliation, age or other means of exclusion

Love: We believe in genuine caring relationships as keys to the success of every endeavor.

Accountability: We believe it is important for us to be open with and dependent upon each other for support and hold each other accountable to develop ourselves and societies. 

Partnering: We believe we are a part of the worldwide efforts aimed at improving lives and that great results can be realized by partnering with various organizations and agencies that share our values. 

Responsiveness: We are responsive to the life threatening situations where our involvement is appropriate and fitting.

Stewardship: We are faithful to the purpose for which resources are given and manage them in a manner that brings maximum benefit to our people.

We value people: We regard all people as created and loved by God and give priority to people before money, structures and arrangement.

Teamwork: Our approach to work is firmly founded upon participatory action both at all levels.

Our Structural Setup

NACOFU is structured in two ways; according to specific interest or Geographical / cultural location or both.  Members are registered as they may be interested in Folklore research, documentation and archiving, festivals, education, projects, networking or other fields. Members originate from diverse Geographical and Cultural locations.

These two structures enable NACOFU to realize its aims and objectives.

NACOFU is managed by the National Secretariat which is led by the Executive Secretary, who is deputized by six specialized Deputy Secretaries for Festivals, Research, Documentation and Archiving, Folklore in Education, Projects and Networking. NACOFU has regional Coordinators in the different districts that organize the group leaders. Information reaches individual members through group leaders and regional Coordinators.  The regions include: Mbale, Soroti, Gulu, arua, Hoima, Luweero, Jinja, Kasese, Fortportal Mbarara, Kotido and Kabale

Leaders include renowned National.  

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