National Council of Folklorists of Uganda (NACOFU)


Welcome to the National Council of Folklorists of Uganda (NACOFU)!!!

The National Council of Folklorists of Uganda (NACOFU) is a non-governmental organization based in Uganda. NACOFU  works to further the practice, documentation, preservation, development, dissemination and study of folklore as it is  represented in the creative arts including: music, dance, dramatic actions, poetry, mythologies, legends, stories, proverbs and other such idioms of Uganda’s culturally heterogeneous people so that they can benefit their holders and those that experience them socially, economically and politically. 

NACOFU is a network of 320 cultural music and dance troupes (each group with fifteen to sixty members) plus music educationists, researchers and scholars from primary schools, secondary schools and institutions of higher learning.

In order to realize its aim, NACOFU organizes  Festivals, Conferences, Seminars, Workshops  and Public Performances of Folk Music and Dance, Poetry, Acting, Storytelling, Dressing, Proverbs and other idioms that involve  member Troupes and their societies. Through the Uganda Folklore Recorders and Archiving Agency, NACOFU records Folklore performances and events for documentation, research, study, promotional activities and archiving.

The National Council of Folklorists of Uganda (NACOFU) welcomes interested members. Any person who wishes to apply for membership is welcome. Performers, Educationists, Researchers and Scholars are encouraged. Follow the link below in order to become a member of NACOFU.

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